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Student Agenda Pro

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Developed by students, aiming at simplicity and lightweightness of the application, the Student Agenda was made for students organize themselves and have, consequently, better performance in studies.The objective of using this application is to perform activities within the deadlines combined, divide time between academic and personal life, conduct day-to-day with more calmness and less stress.
On the Student Agenda, important information about tests, homeworks, appointments and timetable will always be available on your smartphone to new schedulings and consultations, wherever you are. Another very useful feature is the notification schedule (reminder) to not forget important activities. It is adequate for school, for college, for your day-to-day...
The application was developed aiming at simplicity and ease of use. To start , simply registering your subjects and then your timetable.
Main features:
• Simplicity and lightweightness• Timetable• Scheduling of events (exams, homeworks/tasks, activities and returning books to the library)• Take photo to increase the description of events• Notification schedule (reminder) for events• Check events as "completed"• Events ordered by day, week and month• Timetable of the day• Timetable of the week• Calendar• Management of marks
••• This version does not display advertisements
If you have any problem or suggestion, please e-mail to us! (We can't reply you on Google Play)
Thank you!